Hosting Facility Information

Thunder Basketball is always looking to partner with programs to put more great events around the Chattanooga Area. If your progam is looking for a great fundraiser and are willing to host basketball games we need to talk. Your program will make $750+ per court.

Hosting Facility

1. Maintain Gyms
1a. Prepare gyms for game play
1b. Cleanup gyms after games
2. Operate Gate
2a.  $10 Per  Person 13 & Older
3. Operate Concession
3a.  Optional  Fundraising Opportunity
4. Pay Officials
4a. $30 Per Game
5. Manage Facility
5a. Enter Scores in TourneyPro

Thunder Basketball

1. Advertise Events
2. Schedule Events
2a. Sanction Event
3. Insure Events
3a. Provide Facility  COI
4. Provide Awards
3a.  Tournaments - Rings
3b. Shootouts - Medals
5. Schedule Officials
6. Pay Official Assignor