Spring Tournament Team Checklist

Only follow these instructions if your name is on a Thunder Roster.
Links are Blue & Italized.
1. After Roster is posted, Register at spring.thunderbball.org.
* Player Registration Fees:
          3rd-5th Grade    $300
          6th-7th Grade    $375
          8th-11th Grade    $450

     * Payment Options
          1 - 
​Pay in Full.
          2 - $150 at registration & then 2 equal monthly payments of the remaining balance.
          3 - ​Get Sponsor(s) for Registration Fees.
Print Thunder Sponsorship Form.
               * Must be completed by March 15th

2. Install TeamSnap App.     * Links on bottom of page.
     * TeamSnap App Login is the same as registration credentials. 
     * TeamSnap is the p
rimary method of communication throughout the season.

3. Team coach will assign uniform numbers.
     * Current players will get same number as previous seasons.
     * Other Thunder gear available in the Shop.

4. Indicate Availability for ALL Events on Team Schedule in TeamSnap App.
     * Please select YES or NO to help us build a team schedule. 
     * Thunder Team Schedule.

5. Print Thunder Drawing Fundraiser and begin filling form.
     * Drawing will be 3rd Wednesday of March.

6. 8th Grade & Above need to join Field Level
     * Girl's Team Link.
     * Boy's Team Link.

7. Thunder needs a Copy of your players Birth Certificate.
     * A copy of Report Card is only need if age doesn't match grade appropriately. 
     * These documents will be available to coaches in a private team folder in TeamSnap.

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