Spring Tournament Team Checklist

Only follow these instructions if you were selected at tryout OR invited to join team.


Links are Blue & Italized.

1. Complete 2021 Membership ($35). 

2. Install TeamSnap App.           * Links on bottom of page.

      2.1 TeamSnap App Login is the same as registration credentials.   


3. Thunder Admin will add you to Team Roster.

      3.1 Allow 48 Hours for this to be completed.

4. Team Coach assigns uniform number.

      4.1 Previous players will get same number as previous seasons.

      4.2 New players will order Uniform ($50) from Thunder Store.

            4.2.1 Other Thunder gear available in the Store.

            4.2.2 Store will be open Feb 1st - Feb 20th.

5. Thunder will Invoice Spring Registration in TeamSnap ($150).

6. Indicate Availability for ALL Events on Team Schedule in TeamSnap App.

       6.1 Please select YES or NO to help us build a team schedule. 

       6.2 Travel Team Schedule or Local Team Schedule

       6.3 Team Coach will verify the schedule by Feb 10th and establish fundraising goals.

              6.3.1 Fundraising will appear as Invoice in TeamSnap.


7. Print Thunder Fundraising Form or Sponsorship Form and begin.

8. Return Fundraising or Sponsorship Forms by March 15.

9. The TeamSnap App will be the primary method of communication throughout the season.