Thunder Picture Day (1/16/21)

We are going to have pictures this Saturday at Midtown in one of the front rooms.

Below is a schedule. If families have conflicts have the drop in at their convenience until 7PM. They will have a roster for each team.

Team photo will be a composite photo. This will eliminate everyone needing to be there at the same time.

Even if they aren't interested in purchasing photo package have them be pictured to allow team photo to be complete.

8:30AM - 6UC Lopez #1

8:45AM - 8UB Sullivan

9:00AM - 8UG Harris

9:30AM - 6UC Lopez #2

10:00AM - 8UB Ables

10:30AM - 8UB Edwards

11:00AM -

11:30AM - 8UB Huddleston

12:00PM - 12UB Lopez

12:30PM - 8UB Epps

12:45PM - 10UB Sullivan

1:00PM - 12UB Stiefel

1:30PM - 8UG Lopez

2:00PM - 11UG Sullivan

2:30PM - 12UB Ables

3:00PM - 10UG Runion

3:30PM - 10UG Epps

4:00PM - 15UB Runion

4:30PM - 10UG Collins

5:00PM -

5:30PM - 10UB Epps

6:00PM -

6:15PM - 10UB Camp

6:30PM - 10UB Clemmons

7:00PM - 13UG Ibrahim

Print these forms off in advance to help things go smooth.

Order Form:

Download PDF • 448KB

Credit Card Form:

Download PDF • 126KB

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